Kindle Books

Being Right Here: A Dzogchen Treasure Text of Nuden Dorje Entitled The Mirror of Clear Meaning

Being Guru Rinpoche: A Commentary on Nuden Dorje’s Terma Vidyadhara Guru Sadhana

Ser Guru Rimpoché (Spanish Edition of Being Guru Rinpoche)

Collected Works of C.R. Lama

Obras Reunidas de C.R. Lama (Spanish edition of Collected Works of C.R. Lama)

Gli yogin del Ladakh: Un pellegrinaggio tra gli eremiti dell’Himalaya buddhista (Italian Edition of The Yogis of Ladakh)

Radiant Aspiration: The Butterlamp Prayer Lamp of Aspiration

Simply Being: Texts in the Dzogchen Tradition


The Buddha Shows the Way. 2022

The Mirror of Clear Meaning: A commentary on the dzogchen treasure text of Nuden Dorje

This is it: revealing the great completion

Free Books by James Low


Seven Chapters of Prayer.  Although this book is already published by Wandel Verlag  in hardback it is also freely available to download so that  these prayers can be recited in times of trouble.

The Dhammapada. 1985 book prepared by CR Lama with Pali, Sanskrit, Tibetan, Hindi and English. Digitalised by Wendy 2018. You can hear Wendy reading it aloud here on her website.

Preface to Estando Bem Aqui. James wrote a new preface, here in English, to the Brazilian edition of Being Right Here.

Longing for Limitless Light is being read aloud here on Wendy’s blog.

Collected Works of C R Lama. You can hear Wendy reading some if it aloud here


Sparks. Partial translation by Kate Egetmeyer.


Destellos  The authorised version of “Sparks”, as translated by Juan B. García Lázaro with style checking by Mariana Orozco.


Csak Ez. Sixth facet of the book This Is It, translated by Németh Tamás.

Egyszerűen Csak Lenni: Előszó A Könyvhöz. The Preface to “Simply Being” translated by Németh Tamás.


Antologia wykładów Czime Rigdzina Rinpocze. The translation of “Collected Works of CR Lama” by Grażyna Litwinczuk

Naturalna obecność: Pisma tradycji dzogczen. The translation of “Simply Being” by Joanna Janiszewska-Rain, Dorota Kaniewska and Grażyna Litwińczuk. It has gone out of print.

Być Guru Rinpocze. The translation of “Being Guru Rinpoche” by Joanna Janiszewska-Rain.

Być Guru Rinpocze. The translation of “Being Guru Rinpoche” by Magdalena Kaniewska-Matulewicz reviewed by Witold Matulewicz.

Ą Być tu i teraz. The translation of “Being Right Here” by Joanna Janiszewska-Rain. It has gone out of print.


Estar Cá presente. A partial translation of “Being Right Here” by Manuela Rodrigues.

Simplesmente Ser. Chapters 8 and 9 from Simply Being, translated by João Vale.


Kivilcimlar. Partial translation to Turkish of Sparks, by Mustafa Mert Celebi.