Offering to the Dharma

We can offer our work to the Dharma, our prayers, and our resources. Offerings can be material and practical. They can also be visualised.

The teachings of dzogchen have been present in our world for many thousands of years. They have been passed on in unbroken lineages which have survived in Tibet and have now spread out into the world following the Chinese invasion.

The purpose of this website is to offer the key points of dzogchen illustrated with many examples from everyday life. These presentations are mainly in the form of transcripts of teachings given at retreats, at public talks and more recently on Zoom. There are also audio and video recordings. All the material on is offered freely and is the product of voluntary collaboration.

The teachings by James Low are according to the transmissions he received from his root teacher Chimed Rigdzin Lama and from other Nyingmapa lamas.

It is hoped that the costs of setting up and maintaining the website and James’ work will be met by contributions (dana) in the spirit that the greatest of gifts is the gift of the dharma.

Thank you for your donation which will be used in various ways to make dharma teachings available and to support people who practise them.

“If there is some merit in this work, may it help all beings awaken.
If there is no merit, may its emptiness protect all beings from disturbance.”

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