All times refer to London time, unless otherwise stated.

Berlin, Oct 2024

James will be in Berlin teaching on the Bodhisattvacaryāvatāra from 10-13 October 2024. Please contact the organiser at for details.

Dependent arising. Teaching retreat. Todtmoos, 17-20 Oct 2024

Todtmoos, Haus am Mühlenbach Mühlematt 6,, Todtmoos, Todtmoos-Au, Germany

Dependent arising The myth that the autonomous ego is master of one's own destiny is a delusion that leads to lack of cooperation, conflict and lonely isolation. The Buddha gave us many opportunities to see the falsity of our popular belief in inherent existence. By examining how we continue to believe in ourselves as a separate entity despite all evidence [...]

Your Mind is Mahamudra. Zoom Talk hosted by Tibethaus, Nov 2024

FRIDAY 8th. NOVEMBER 2024 Your Mind is Mahamudra! Zoom-Teaching | James Low We are used to thinking about things and trying to work out what is going on. This is how we have been educated. However Mahamudra points to the intrinsic capacity of our mind to instantly and intuitively respond to whatever occurs without entering into dualistic thought production. We will explore [...]

Take it easy. Teaching Retreat. Veciana Nov 2024

Casal la Salle Carretera de Calaf a Sant Guim, Veciana, Barcelona, Spain

Simply Being Text Ch. 10 31 05 2023Take It Easy           This retreat will focus on relaxing our reliance on habitual patterns of dualistic involvement so that the self-liberation of all experience becomes clear.  We will go through Patrul Rinpoche’s short text Self-Liberating Understanding which is Chapter 10 in the book Simply Being. There will be Spanish [...]