Seeing clearly, acting gracefully. Todtmoos, 2016

James Low Retreat, 3-5 June 2016 Todtmoos, Germany Translator: Robert Jaroslawski German and English This can also be watched on video. Seeing clearly, acting gracefully. “Buddhist texts suggest that we function under the power of obscuration, veils within us due to which, although our eyes are dulled and opaque, we believe that we see clearly. Two main types of obscuration are described, those […]

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Peaceful engagement. Freiburg 2016

Public Talk 2 June 2016, Freiburg, Germany Peaceful Engagement. Being ethically active in this turbulent world, without burning out, is an admirable goal. Buddhism offers clarity as to how it can be achieved. James begins by saying that he will explore how we can engage with the world without being overwhelmed. German and English Translator: Robert Jaroslawski   Download here

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