Welcome to our lineage! Article, Nov 2023

Written by James Low, 18 Nov 2023, for the SB Sangha in the lineage of CR Lama.

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Portuguese translation by João Vale Neto

French translation prepared by Yann Leguen and Martine Widmer

German translation by Jayachitta

Italian Translation by Francesca Fazzio

Turkish Translation by Mustafa Mert Çelebi


It seems that more people are making use of the website and so I offer some words of welcome and a brief introduction to how we are.

…Our lineage comes to us through my guru C.R. Lama also known as Chimed Rigdzin Rinpoche. He was a refugee, as were all the great Tibetan teachers who fled to India to escape the colonial urge that intoxicated the Chinese under Mao Zedong. It is not easy to be a refugee. They had to survive with few resources in a challenging climate, learning new languages and modes of behaviour and staying on the sweet side of their hosts…

…Thus, ours is the lineage of letting go, of opening to the here and now free of stories of past, present and future. There is only this and this you cannot have. It is not a possession. Yet we are part of the here and now, participating in each ungraspable moment. This is where you will find Padmasambhava, C.R. Lama, and your own awakened presence…


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