The Mahamudra Middle Way of the Ganges. 23 verses taught by Tilopa to Naropa

“Twenty-three indestructible verses on mahamudra taught on the banks of the River Ganges by the master adept of mahamudra, Sri Tilopa, to the learned and accomplished Kashmiri pandit Naropa after he had accomplished the twelve demanding tasks. Great Naropa then transmitted it to the great king of translators Marpa Chokyi Lodro who translated it and finalised it at Naropa’s northern residence of Pullahari.   Ithi! May there be virtue!”

Translated by James Low, September 2019 and commented by him in Wilga, Poland 2023, and Eifel, Germany2019)

Read the text in English here.

This text is in Sweet Simplicity by James Low (Simply Being, UK, 2022) ISBN: 9781739938154

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