All Q&A Zooms July 2020- onwards. Videos with translations

Q&A Zoom Sessions starting from July 2020 – 2021 and continued James Low had invited questions from people watching his Zoom sessions. He received around 50 questions which he answers here. We publish and update the recordings of these Q&A sessions with their translations as they come to us. Therefore the content of this page is growing! Thank you to […]

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The natural condition and the state of delusion. Eifel 04.2018

James Low. 19-22 April 2018. Kamalashilashila Institute, the Eifel, Germany. James begins by speaking about what the experience is like to arrive somewhere, and who it is who arrives. This leads into a short meditation practice. The focus of the weekend is on using the dzogchen view to awaken to the inseparability of awareness and the openness of the ground. […]

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