Finding Freedom

Finding freedom: texts from the Theravadin, Mahayana and Dzogchen Buddhist traditions James Low. (Wandel Verlag, Berlin, 2019) ISBN:9783942380270 Currently being prepared in German In the UK, this can be ordered from ShangShung Institute and from¬†Watkins Books.In the USA it can be ordered from Namse Bangdzo Bookstore. First section,¬†Fighting the Good Fight, is concerned with how we can commit ourselves to […]

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Equanimity and the pull of the five poisons. Frankfurt, 2019

Buddhist teaching day. Equanimity and the pull of the five poisons: the power of the five poisonous afflictions (mental dullness, desire, aversion, jealousy and pride) is very strong and each affliction can easily pull us away from grounded harmony and into the treacherous security of taking up a position. However equanimity is the great quality of the Middle Way avoiding extremes. Poised, dynamically balancing according to circumstances yet without bias in any direction, it reveals the freedom not to be at the mercy of the afflictions.

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