Compassion as a way of life. Frankfurt, 2017

James Low Seminar Day: Compassion as a way of life. Tibethaus, Frankfurt, Germany. 6 October 2017 Compassion is a means for reducing the suffering of others. In the dzogchen tradition of Tibetan Buddhism compassion is revealed as being the natural expression of awareness therefore the practice for developing awareness is the practice of awakening to one’s own intrinsic awareness. The […]

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The Basis for awakening. Frankfurt, 2017

James Low Public Talk: The Basis for Awakening. Tibethaus, Frankfurt,Germany.  5 October 2017 Awakening, or enlightenment, is often regarded as being almost unattainable. The dzogchen view, however, points to the ever-present basis of enlightenment and offers us the means to access it directly Download here German and English Organised by Martin Brüger

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Teaching retreat on the six bardos. Gutenstein 2017

The Stages of Life and Death. Each stage or Bardo has its own key focus of intention setting out the tasks to be attended to. Using Karma Lingpa’s Root Verses of the Bardo we will clarify how to use each stage as an opportunity for awakening. James Low teaching at the Maitreya Institute, Gutenstein, Austria. 30th June – 2nd July […]

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