Being and identity. Frankfurt, 2013

James Low Public Talk. Being and identity: using these two aspects to explore the relationship of Dzogchen to Buddhism 16 October 2013 Tibethaus, Frankfurt, Germany This event was also the  book launch of Aus dem Handgepäck eines Tibetischen Yogi. Recorded by Patrick Haase. German and English Play English only Play English with German translation

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Natural freedom. West Sussex UK, 2013

West Sussex, UK. 17-18 August 2013 This annual camping retreat in Sussex is organised by Huw Wyn. “Dzogchen is free of formality or ritual. The main thing is to be aware of the nature of your experience.” English Only Total play time: Session 1: 01:10:24 Session 2: 01:02:30 Session 3: 01:10:35 Session 4: 00:59:41 Session 5: 01:20:12 Session 6: 01:03:32 Download […]

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Heart Sutra. Public Talk. [EN/ET] Tallinn, 2013

James Low Title: The Heart Sutra as a way of understanding the view and practice in tantra and dzogchen Place: Public Talk at the National Library of Estonia in Tallinn, Estonia Date: 20 September, 2013. Translator: Leho Rubis With Estonian Language Watch a video of this with Estonian here

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