Dharma ecology. 2023

Dharma ecology.

James Low

June 2023

If ‘the self’ is following the path then the journey is long and it requires great vigilance and determination to tame and cultivate the happenstance of the mind. If our actual freedom — the openness of the ground — is opened to then the unchanging ever-changing here and now requires no cultivation.

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It is rare for human beings to be at home in the wild and to be able to adapt to that wildness without trying to impose a conceptual order. In the few areas left on earth where people who are ‘native to the soil’ can still live without outside interference, there is still the harmony of truly wild nature and harmoniously adaptive human. There are people who by foraging, hunting and fishing can find sufficient, for they know that enough is enough and that if you know where to look in the wild, new resources are always manifesting with no need for accumulation.
Their practice is to not de-wild but to trust the wild and not set it up as the enemy. Then what we call ‘the ‘wild’ is not wild for them, but simply home, their rich and varied environment.

This approach can also be applied to the mind.

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