Every day. Urgyen Menla Medicine Buddha Practising Together

Urgyen Menla Medicine Buddha Daily Practice


Someone is now leading the Urgyen Menla Practice every day. The details are below with the names and emails of the people leading them.

1 – Mondays – João Vale Neto – 7 pm London Time – Portuguese – joaovalesanga [at] gmail [dot] com

2 – Tuesdays – Paula Aranibar – 7 pm London Time – paula.aranibar.munita@gmail.com

3 – Wednesday – Milton Petruczok – 7 pm London time – English – miltonpetruczok [at] gmail [dot] com

4 – Thursday – Marcin Borkowski – 8 pm London Time – emborkowski82 [at] gmail [dot] com

5 – Friday – Pinar McGivern – 7 pm London time – English – pinar [dot] mcgivern [at] gmail [dot] com

6 – Saturday – Mário César Lins Filho –7 pm London time (15 BR) –Mário will guide the practice in English/Tibetan. linsfilho [dot] mc [at] gmail [dot] com

7 – Sunday – Tobias Roeder – 7 pm London time – German – menla [at] gmx-topmail [dot] de

Meeting ID: 861 6983 4483
Passcode: urgyen

You can access the practice text in various languages here. https://simplybeing.co.uk/texts/25255



Optional. Click here if you wish you may use these recordings of C R Lama, Jomo Gudrun and others doing the Urgyen Menla practice in 1994 in Frankfurt/Main. Prepared by Andreas Ruft and Tobias Roeder.

Teachings on the practice

Robert Jaroslawski has prepared a transcript of the teachings James gave over the weekend of the Urgyen Menla empowerment in May 2023.It does not include the actual initiation/empowerment. You can read the teachings here.

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