Why emptiness is liberating. London, 2016

James Low,  teaching in London on 25 February 2016 at the invitation of Shang Shung Institute. “Awakening to the fact of there being nothing frees us from the endless quest for something. Our problem is the seeming ‘thing-ness’ of things, our sense that we exist as some-‘thing’ in a world of many different ‘things’. The reification which imputes a real […]

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Buddhism and creativity [17]. Macclesfield, 2016

“Meditation can give a fresh outlook which promotes creativity. We will explore the dzogchen view that everything we experience is, in fact, the creativity of the mind.

Buddhism would say that ethics is the basis for our experience and that due to causes and conditions we inhabit a particular vision, a mental construct created from a configuration of many factors. Meditation brings the spaciousness and flexibility needed to respond easily in interaction with the world.”

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