7 Line Prayer: recitation and visualisation

Tulku Dakpa Rinpoche has composed a text which James recommends to us as being helpful for our visualisation when reciting the Seven Line Prayer. He explains the symbolism for each of the three recitations according to the Changter tradition. The Khordong lineage is closely linked to the Changter tradition and CR Lama was a lineage holder of both. He often stated that the 7 Line Prayer was the most powerful and effective means of maintaining our connection with Padmasambhava.

“In the northern tradition [Changter] of the Great Secret Early Translation, all major or minor gatherings start with the Seven Vajra Lines which are recited three times. Accordingly, the procedure of visualization for the first, the second, and the third recitation is as follows:”

Tulku writes that he

… sends you and the SB Sangha group his deep regards and greetings. He is very happy for you to use this material, for the benefit of all of Chhimed Rigdzin Lama’s students and followers.


Please download and read it here.

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