Longing for Limitless Light.

Longing for Limitless Light: letting in the light of Buddha Amitabha’s love
C. R. Lama and James Low

(Simply Being, UK, 2021)

Hardback ISBN: 978-1739938109

Longing for Limitless Light offers a sequence of key texts in the

Mahayana tradition of Tibetan Buddhism. These prayers and aspirations form part of

the daily practice for many in the various

Tibetan Buddhist traditions. They include prayers, aspirations, rituals and descriptions of a path to enlightenment.

The loving heart of Buddha Amitabha Limitless Light invites all beings into his pure realm of Happiness known as Dewachen or Sukhavati where, say the texts, awakening is easy. Relying on the warm presence of the Enlightened Ones, our lonely struggles can be left behind as we relax into the ever-inclusive ground of our being. These practices are an effective antidote to the sense of alienation and isolation which is so pervasive at this time.

The practice texts in this book offer tried and trusted ways to connect with the Buddhas whose welcome already awaits us.  They include the prayers and full ritual for Taking Refuge and for Taking the Bodhisattva Vow and prayers and practices such as the Dechen Monlam for Taking Birth in Dewachen.

They provide a coherent support for developing faith and confidence in this Mahayana method that unites wisdom and compassion.

Each text was translated from Tibetan by C R Lama and James Low together many years ago in India. James Low has recently revised them and written an introduction.

You can listen to the book being read aloud chapter by chapter by Wendy on her website. Click Here.


Refuge and Bodhicitta

The Seven Branch Practice from ‘Pure Good Conduct’                                        

Honouring True Value from ‘Entering the Path of Enlightenment’

Preparation for Taking the Bodhisattva Vow

Taking the Bodhisattva Vow – The Main Practice

Honouring the Buddha’s Speech with The Heart Sutra

The Flower of Faith

The Ten Directions and the Four Times

The Aspiration that Brings Birth in Dewachen

A Swift Path to Cross Easily to the Excellent Realm

The Brief Prayer of Aspiration for Dewachen

Making Assembled Food Offerings

The Dechen Monlam

Sky Dharma Aspiration for Dewachen

The Brief Prayer of Aspiration

Aspiration for the Spread of the Doctrine

Aspiration for the Flourishing of the Nyingma Teachings

Aspiration for Happiness in the World

Aspiration for the Flourishing of Dharma

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