This is it: revealing the great completion

This is it: revealing the great completion. James Low. (Simply Being, 2021) ISBN 978-0956923974 “The texts in this volume were all translated while I was living with CR Lama in Santiniketan, West Bengal. It has taken over forty years for many of them to see the light of day. During that time they have been revised and refined and now […]

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The Yogins of Ladakh: A Pilgrimage Among The Hermits of The Buddhist Himalayas

  English The Yogins of Ladakh: a pilgrimage among the hermits of the Buddhist Himalayas. John Crook and James Low. (Motilal Banarsidass, 2nd edition, 2007) ISBN 978-8120814790 Italian Gli yogin del Ladakh: Un pellegrinaggio tra gli eremiti dell’Himalaya buddhista. John Crook and James Low. (Casa Editrice Astrolabio – Ubaldini Editore, 2018) Paperback ISBN 978-8834016497 and Kindle ASIN: B07HNF29FT

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The Seven Chapters of Prayer: as taught by Padma Sambhava of Urgyen, known in Tibetan as Le’u bDun Ma

In 1981 C R Lama wrote that “These prayers describe how … Padma Sambhava promises to come every morning with the rising sun and to come every tenth day of the lunar month and make himself visible to the people. The prayers give protection from war, disease, famine, difficult journeys, dangerous animals, earthquakes, troublesome yeti, robbers and authoritarian police, at […]

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