Ground, Path and Result in Dzogchen. Evening Public Talk

James Low 8th October 2020. Evening Public Talk Zoom teaching Organised by Tibethaus, Frankfurt. English only. Ground, Path and Result in Dzogchen: The “ground” is the ever-present inner openness / emptiness of our mind. The “path” consists in waking up to this openness and staying with it so that it becomes our living presence. The “goal” (result) is the nonduality […]

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Meditation and psychotherapy. Public Talk. Lisbon, 2020

James Low. Public Talk, 14 Jan 2020. Instituto Macrobiótico de Portugal, Lisbon, Portugal. Meditation and psychotherapy. In order to be open and available in the clinical setting, we need to be able to drop our pre-occupations and pattern formations. Being present with and for the other, without an imposed agenda, is perhaps our greatest gift. English and Brazilian Portuguese Translator: […]

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True nature. Public Talk. Oxford, Nov 2019

James Low Evening Public Talk, Oxford 8 November 2019 True nature. James begins by saying that he will be talking about the general principles of a dzogchen understanding of life and its place in buddhism.   Organised by Gio Maschio Audio prepared by Tim Stone English only. Followed by 2 days of teaching Download the audio files here

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