Openness and non-duality. Berlin, 2014

  Public Talk Berlin 5. December 2014 Offenherzigkeit und Nichtdualität. What openness and non duality refers to in  Tibetan Buddhism. Having an open heart may seem naive in this world of turbulence yet the truly open heart integrates wisdom and compassion and is the site of contentment and fulfilment. Audioediting by Olaf Brockmann Translating by Kati Yahoual English and German Download […]

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Being and identity. Frankfurt, 2013

James Low Public Talk. Being and identity: using these two aspects to explore the relationship of Dzogchen to Buddhism 16 October 2013 Tibethaus, Frankfurt, Germany This event was also the  book launch of Aus dem Handgepäck eines Tibetischen Yogi. Recorded by Patrick Haase. German and English Play English only Play English with German translation

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Love emptiness and awareness. Freiburg, 2013

James Low Public talk given in Freiburg on 13 June 2013 English and German Translated by Robert Jaroslawski Love is often linked with attachment and with the narrowing and intensity which that brings but in the dzogchen tradition love is the energy of openness, the dynamic availability that lets us connect with every situation. Read the transcript here. 19 Tracks Total […]

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