Kindness, fellow feeling and the common weal [21]. Macclesfield, 2020

  Kindness, fellow feeling and the common weal. 31 Jan 2020 – 2nd Feb 2020 James Low Loving kindness, karuna, is the foundational attitude of Buddhism. Kindness sees all life as kind, as kin, as always-already-connected. With this view the barrier between self and other shrinks and we become inclusive in everything we do. This is deepened and supported by […]

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Balance in turbulent times [20]. Macclesfield, 2019

Equanimity:finding balance in a turbulent world. Macclesfield, 22-24 February 2019 James Low Charles Lomas organised this annual teaching weekend for the Kun-Pan Ling Buddhist group in Macclesfield. Précis: Attempts to withdraw from turbulence or to control the mind are actions which increase our sense of separation. The mahayana view looks at how our mind is, rather than focusing on its […]

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Working with life, working with death [19]. Macclesfield, 2018

Macclesfield, 9-11 March 2018 James Low The Macclesfield UK Talks [19] Sound – Gareth + Wendy We are looking at what being alive is from the buddhist point of view and how this illuminates the death process. Précis: Many different ideas exist about what happens at death and these direct our intentionality in this life. The talk examines what buddhism […]

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Dissolving attachment [18], Macclesfield, 2017

James Low Dissolving attachment in the openness of being. Dzogchen practice focuses on avoiding hanging on to what we like and pushing away what we don’t like. This is supported by the mindfulness that helps us avoid falling asleep in the process of living. Being undistracted is simply talking with full attention when you are talking, walking with full attention […]

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The Illusory nature of experience [13]. Macclesfield, 2012

Transcribed by Sue Scott and Barbara Littler Edited by Wendy Chozom Click to read or download the PDF This teaching retreat can also be listened to on Audio. “…The body is a dynamic site of participation in the environment which is, itself, a dynamic unfolding.” “Time is not a possession that we own but we ourselves are always in the very […]

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Buddhism and creativity [17]. Macclesfield, 2016

“Meditation can give a fresh outlook which promotes creativity. We will explore the dzogchen view that everything we experience is, in fact, the creativity of the mind.

Buddhism would say that ethics is the basis for our experience and that due to causes and conditions we inhabit a particular vision, a mental construct created from a configuration of many factors. Meditation brings the spaciousness and flexibility needed to respond easily in interaction with the world.”

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