All the Questions and Answers from the Zooms July 2020-2021, Videos with translations

Q&A Zoom Sessions starting from July – 10. December 2020 James Low had invited questions from people watching his Zoom sessions. He received around 50 questions which he answers here. We publish and update the recordings of these Q&A sessions with their translations as they come to us. Therefore the content of this page is growing! Thank you to all […]

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Always already present. Zoom Videos, 9th Dec. 2020

James Low Always already present. Inclusion in the Great Perfection is intrinsic to each being. Lostness arises from striving. German translation by Jayachitta Polish translation by Bartek Czajkowski Portuguese translation by Milton Petruczok (coming soon) The Organisers are João Vale Neto, Milton Petruczok and Pedro Gomes. English only   English and German   English and Polish  

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Ground, Path and Result in Dzogchen. Video of Zoom workshop

James Low 8-10 October 2020. Lecture and Day and a half workshop Zoom teaching Organised by Tibethaus, Frankfurt. English only. Ground, Path and Result in Dzogchen: The “ground” is the ever-present inner openness/emptiness of our mind. The “path” consists in waking up to this openness and staying with it so that it becomes our living presence. The “goal” (result) is […]

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