Listen to the Dhammapada

The first section of James’ book Finding Freedom, includes his translation of the Dhammapada, and commentary.

Wendy has been inspired to read and record this and make it available for us.

If you visit her website you’ll find the introduction which James has written for the recordings along with what Wendy has written.

NEW: These audio-recordings from Finding Freedom now include James’ Introduction to this text.

You can listen to Wendy’s reading of the complete text on her website and this is where you can also download the recordings for later use and share the links.

This version is based largely on the 20th century translation into Tibetan by Gendun Chophel, a Gelugpa monk who spent many years in India. The translation was done in 1980  by CR Lama and James Low for inclusion in a volume containing Pali, Sanskrit, Tibetan and English versions. The book is freely available: Dhammapada.

You can buy Finding Freedom from the publisher,  from Amazon and other places.



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