Who is talking to whom? London, 2011

A talk given to psychotherapy trainees in London, 15 November 2011 Edited by James Low Download as PDF Transcribed by Amanda Lebus Excerpt There are two interweaving topics to consider here.  The first is the nature of subjectivity from the point of view of CAT (Cognitive Analytic Therapy), and the second is the impact of mindfulness on our subjectivity.

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So near and yet so far away. Berlin, 2011

Evening public talk in Berlin, Germany. 6 May 2011 James Low Download as PDF Transcribed by Jo Féat Edited by Barbara Terris and James Low Excerpts When we began this evening talk, I noticed a lady out in the garden watering the flowers with a hose. But of course she wasn’t just watering the flowers, she was watering the weeds as […]

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