Dissolving the enemies of love. Zoom, September 2020

We are all familiar with the hopes and fears inseparable from romantic love. However the Buddhist view of love is expressed as “May all beings be happy and have the cause of happiness.” This aspiration is inclusive and infinite. It is offered equally to all beings without reference to the qualities we perceive in them. To achieve this warm equanimity […]

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Q&A Session July – August 2020 with translations

Q&A Session Zoom July – August 2020 Here are the recordings of the complete Zoom Q&A session with all available translations. James Low had invited questions from people watching his Zoom sessions. He received around 50 questions which he answers. Thank you to all those involved in the recording, translation and preparation of this video for us all.   Part […]

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The three statements of Garab Dorje. Zoom July 2020, with translations

The three statements of Garab Dorje. Zoom July 2020. This is James’s ‘Zoom’ teaching on The Three Statements of Garab Dorje from July 4th- 5th, 2020. The subject of the teaching was the commentary by Patrul Rinpoche on ‘The Three Statements’ by Garab Dorje. Garab Dorje was the first human teacher of Dzogchen. Thank you to all those involved in […]

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