Eifel Retreat Autumn 2019

The Happy Twins Dzogchen and Mahamudra are harmoniously complementary. Their evocative styles offer us beautiful metaphors which can sweetly and poetically ease us out of our rigid concepts. The retreat was focussed on two texts, the Mirror of Luminous Revelation, a dzogchen treasure text from Nuden Dorje Drophen Lingpa Drolo Tsal, and the Mahamudra Upadesha by Tilopa. The Nuden Dorje […]

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The Heart of Dzogchen. Eifel, Oct 2012

“What does it mean for me to be me? What is our real identity? Is our identity just what we take it to be – the narratives that we say about ourself – or is identity perhaps something different?

From the point of view of dzogchen, there are many ways to see the constructed way in which we create fantasies of identity about who we are. We may occupy them for some time, but then it becomes impossible to occupy them any more because the present becomes the past.

The present is always becoming the past, so what shall we rely on? This is the central question in dzogchen because if we rely on something unreliable we feel betrayed and we do not feel supported.”

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Eifel Retreat Autumn 2018

Intrinsic purity and purity through purification This nine-day retreat took place between 6th October and 14th October 2018. During the retreat James considered various texts with regard to the aspect of purification: The Heart Sutra (Saturday – Sunday) The Meditation and mantra recitation of Prajnaparamita, Mother of All the Buddhas, from Gonpo Wangyal (Sunday, Friday) The Evocation of Samantabhadra (Monday-Tuesday) […]

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The One Ground and its qualities. Eifel Retreat, April 2018

James Low Retreat. The One ground and its qualities. The focus will be on using the dzogchen view to awaken to the inseperability of awareness and the openness of the ground. To support our meditation we will use chapter 9 in the book, ‘Simply Being’ where Padmasambhava sets out the truth of our existence. There will be a public talk […]

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