The Heart of dzogchen. Warsaw, Nov 2013

Poland [Warsaw], 9 – 10 Nov 2013 Exploring the central points of the dzogchen view and meditation using a short text of Ayu Khandro, “The Record of the Heart-felt Advice of the Dakini, Indestructible Glorious Lamp”. Recorded by Anna Bulat-Switala. James starts to speak 0:34 mins into the recording. Polish and English Download here

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Buddhism and mental health. Lublin, 2012

A Public Talk in Lublin, Poland. 14 Sept 2012 English and Polish Translator: Bartek Czajkowski Note : The first few minutes of this talk were not recorded Track Listing ————- 1. Buddhism and Mental Health (Lublin – Sept 2012) (01:54:57) Total play time: 01:54:57 Total size : 105.28 MB

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The Mother of all the Buddhas. Warsaw, May 2011

Commentary to Gonpo Wangyal’s “Introduction To The Nature Of The Mother Of All The Buddhas” Warsaw, 13 -14 May 2011 English with Polish translation The Polish translation of the Gonpo Wangyal text was given to participant. The audio-recording was prepared by Robbie Terris. Gonpo Wangyal was the 11th lama in the Khordong lineage of CR Lama. Download here

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