Relaxation and the self-liberation of phenomena. Warsaw, Jan 2019

James Low 26-27 Jan 2019 Warsaw Dzogchen teaching and meditation. Relaxation and the self-liberation of phenomena. We habitually experience objects that can be grasped along with our sense of ourselves as subjects who need to grasp at something in order to continue to exist. Struggling to remove this delusion does not help. Our practice is to relax and open and […]

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Opening to life, public talk. Warsaw, 2018

Opening to life: a public talk. 28 Sept 2018. Buddhism offers a view of life which suggests that the royal road to happiness is to remain relaxed, open and available in all circumstances. The more we are present the more we can let go of our ineffective attempts to avoid or control or manipulate the ever-changing flow of experience. English […]

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Teachings on the Butterlamp Prayer. Darnków, 2018

Poland, Darnkow Gompa 11-15 July 2018 Teaching on the Butterlamp Prayer of CR Lama and the Sutra of King Golden Hand. This will be linked with the annual offering of 100,000 butterlamps. Participants should have a copy of the Polish, English, German or other versions of Radiant Aspiration, which contains all the necessary texts. CR Lama’s wonderful aspiration offers the […]

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