Refuge and Bodhisattva vows

These are the texts used for taking the refuge and bodhisattva vows. English text for taking vows A refuge prayer: Sang Gye Cho Dang German text for taking vows A refuge prayer: Sang Gye Cho Dang. In German Polish text for taking vows Português text for taking vows Russian text for taking vows Spanish text for taking vows

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Establishing Balance and Harmony: Making Tsa Tsa moulds (includes videos)

One way to restore balance and harmony in the world is by making tsa tsa. Here are instruction videos in English and Polish. Also you can read James Low’s text, Balance and Harmony.  It includes a sutra text highlighting the benefits of making images of the Buddhas as well as a brief Padmasambhava practice you can do whilst preparing the tsa tsa. The videos show moulds of Padmasambhava being used to make tsa tsa, however you can use moulds of other Buddha figures according to your practice and wish. The images that you make from your moulds can be left plain or painted.

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Repelling all troubles. The Dokpa practice text

New Translation: En particular, podemos recitar los siguientes textos breves para avivar nuestra comprensión del Dharma y utilizar el poder de la no-dualidad expuesto en el Sutra del Corazón para repeler los engaños dualistas del agresor. Translated into Spanish by Isabel Defez. Uploaded 15 02 2023

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