The deep and vast freedom of the dharma. 2017

Open the PDF of this article, The deep and vast freedom of the dharma.    …At first compassion arises as an aspiration: “May all beings be happy.” Then it becomes the heart and motive of our practice as we develop bodhicitta and hold all beings in mind. Later, compassion arises effortlessly, as compassion free of reification, compassion that effortlessly helps all beings in […]

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Embodiment, karma and freedom, 2017

Read the PDF  of this article, Embodiment karma and freedom.  “At each moment the doors of samsara and nirvana are open. But are we free to be free, to free ourselves from our habits of identifying with finite entities, and so find ourselves free to go through the door of freedom?”

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Intrinsic freedom, 2017

Open the PDF of Intrinsic freedom. “Doing less we find that we are infinite. Doing more, struggling and yearning, we generate more limitations. Our freedom, our unchanging freedom, is the freedom of the ground we have never left.”

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