Saraha. Treasury of songs.

Although Saraha had a scholar’s training his style here is to offer a simple sharing of his experience. He presents the ground: the simplicity of the base and source of experience. Then the path: the way to not stray from the ground. And finally the result: abiding at ease in the ground without reification or attachment. There is no discussion or debate for this is not a proposition but a revelation.

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Why is it so difficult to relax? Public Talk. Vienna, 2019

James Low Public talk,  QiGong Kleinowitz Center, Vienna September 5, 2019 Transcribed by Kate Egetmeyer Extract.. a kind of pre-dawn shimmering, before the sun has come up, even before it’s low on the other side of the hill, when you look at the morning star …space… indistinct … you can’t make out shapes. With the rising of the light more […]

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