Relaxation and the self-liberation of phenomena. Retreat Gutenstein 2019

James Low
6-8 Sept 2019

Teaching retreat: Relaxation and the self-liberation of phenomena

The instability of our ego-self binds us to the ongoing activity of self-maintenance. Driven by hopes and fears we anxiously mobilise our energy to the task of getting more of what we want and less of what we don’t want. From the Buddhist point of view this ceaseless busyness is driven by our belief in duality, our felt sense that we and everything around us are separate real entities. Struggling to remove this delusion does not help. Therefore our dzogchen practice is to relax, open and directly see how all that seems so real is in fact illusion.

There are meditation periods.

English and German
Translator: Taïsha Lohninger

Download the audio files here

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