Prayer. Homage to Chenrezi

Hri. Looking with great kindness on all beings who wander in the six realms of samsara,
you hold all sentient beings in mind with your love and compassion. Father who gives
rise to all the buddhas of the three times, Arya Chenrezi we bow to you!

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Dissolving the enemies of love. Zoom, September 2020

We are all familiar with the hopes and fears inseparable from romantic love. However the Buddhist view of love is expressed as “May all beings be happy and have the cause of happiness.” This aspiration is inclusive and infinite. It is offered equally to all beings without reference to the qualities we perceive in them. To achieve this warm equanimity […]

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Three new texts about anxiety

These three texts, Anxiety and Doubt, On Anxiety, and Anxiety Awareness Ease, support and complement each other. All beings in samsara have their functional root in ignorance and their intrinsic root in unborn awareness. Ignorance is inseparable from anxiety although ignorance generates our ego-self which is endlessly pretending to be confident and free of anxiety. Through understanding anxiety as it […]

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