The Expansive oral instructions of … Chetsangpa Ratna Sri Buddhi

Translated by James Low and included in his book Simply Being as the Chapter 1. These revised translations (with notes) were prepared for Zoom teachings in 2021. Extract Although one may have great faith in and longing for the dharma, if one does not meet with an accomplished guru, then the dharma that one practises will be difficult to develop […]

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Mandala greetings

These lovely artworks were made by members of our sangha to carry auspicious greetings for the success of our practice and all our endeavours in 2021. One uses gold to gild each of the five buddha family symbols. The other uses seeds and pods and lichen from the ground. Both are fruits of the Earth Healing Group.

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Always already present. Zoom Videos, 9th Dec. 2020

James Low Always already present. Inclusion in the Great Perfection is intrinsic to each being. Lostness arises from striving. German translation by Jayachitta Polish translation by Bartek Czajkowski Portuguese translation by Milton Petruczok (coming soon) The Organisers are João Vale Neto, Milton Petruczok and Pedro Gomes. English only English and German English and Polish  

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