Love Your Mother. A new book.

Love your Mother. James Low. (UK, Simply Being, June 2023) ISBN:  978-1739938185

It is available as a Kindle Paperback book and as a Kindle ebook.

Where do we come from? What is the true source of our life? 

Ever-fertile emptiness, the ever-fertile mother of everything, is symbolised by the Great Mother Prajnaparamita, the essence of the wisdom of emptiness that is the mother of all the Buddhas. This mother is our source. This mother is, in fact, the source of everything as it actually is. This mother is the source of all of us becoming Buddhas therefore we honour her. 

In similar fashion, we honour our own mother in this life, remembering with gratitude all her kindnesses. Moreover we remember that all sentient beings have been our own mother in previous lives and honour their kindnesses.



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