Radiant Aspiration

Radiant Aspiration: the butterlamp prayer lamp of aspiration

Radiant aspiration was written by C.R. Lama while in retreat in Tso Pema in India and arose as a gesture of love and longing for his teacher, Tulku Tsorlo whom he had to leave in Tibet. While alive he offered 100,000 butterlamps each year with his disciples and this practice continues.

English Radiant aspiration: the butterlamp prayer lamp of aspiration. Translated with commentary by James Low. (Simply Being, 2011) ISBN 978 0956923905 Kindle Prepared 2021 by Andreas Ruft of Wandel Verlag and available at all Amazons including Amazon.com.

German Lichter der Weisheit: das Butterlampen-Wunchgebet von Chhimed Rigdzin Rinpoche. Translated by Heike Drinkuth (Wandel Verlag, 2014) ISBN 978-3942380065

Polish. Contact Wojciech Czajkowski  at info [at] kuntuzangpo [dot] net.

Spanish La Aspiración radiante: la lámpara de mantequilla. Translated by Marta Pérez-Yarza (Ediciones Dharma, 2011) ISBN 9788494532788

Part 1   Text in English 
The Butterlamp Prayer2
The Sutra of the Story of the Lamp of King Golden Hand and his Aspiration
The Butterlamp Prayer (continued)11
Part 2   In Recitation Format 
Initial practices16
The Seven Branch Practice20
The Butterlamp Prayer29
The Sutra of the Story of the Lamp of King Golden Hand and his Aspiration  65
The Butterlamp Prayer (continued)84
Concluding practices92
Part 3   Radiant Aspiration 
Commentary on The Butterlamp Prayer 
Lamp of Aspiration95