Collected works of C.R. Lama

collected works of CR lama

The texts gathered in Collected Works of C.R. Lama present a wide range of short works that C. R. Lama engaged with over his years as Reader in Indo-Tibetan Studies at Visva-Bharati University, Santiniketan, West Bengal, when Western student lived in and around his family home, and he taught and translations were produced. Some are original writings, some are translations and some are brief teachings which he gave while working on other texts. The aim of this book is to give a glimpse of the range of interests and styles of one of the first Lamas to freely communicate with the modern world.

While living in India he introduced himself as C.R. Lama. Indians generally addressed him as Lamaji. Among Tibetan people he was known as Khordong Terchen Tulku, Chimed Rigdzin and was addressed as Rinpoche.

This book can be bought from various booksellers, such as Amazons and the German from Wandel Verlag.

English. Collected works of C.R. Lama. Compiled and edited by James Low. (Simply Being, 2013) ISBN 9780956923929. Also as Kindle.

French. Oeuvres Choisies de C.R. Lama. Translated by Manon Widmer. (Simply Being, 2016). ISBN 978 0956923936

German. Gesammelte Schriften von Chimed Rigdzin Rinpoche (C.R. Lama). Translated by Robert Jaroslawski. (Wandel Verlag, 2016). ISBN 978 3942380225

Polish Antologia wykładów Czime Rigdzina Rinpocze. Translated by Grażyna Litwińczuk. (Wydane nakładem Simply Being, 2015) ISBN 9780956923912

Polish   Free download

Portuguese Obras Reunidas de C.R. Lama  Translated into Portuguese by Madalena Gomes Pedroza in 2022 and reviewed by João Vale Neto. Free download

Spanish. Obras reunidas do C.R. Lama. Translated by Juan B. Garćia Lázaro and prepared as a Kindle by Alicja Żmigrodzka (2021)

Contents Page

  1. Vajrayāna in Tibet 
  2. The Nyingma Tradition 
  3. Bardo Instructions Radiating Clarity like the Sun
  4. The Root Verses of the Bardos 
  5. Vajrasattva Meditation Purifying All Errors and Obscurations 
  6. Padmasambhava Introduces Himself 
  7. Padmasambhava: Meaningful to Behold 
  8. Padmasambhava’s Predictions
  9. Prefaces 
  10. Brief Teachings  
  11. Khordong Monastery  
  12. Education in Khordong Monastery 
  13. Khordong Monastery: Annual Cycle of Rituals
  14. New Year Celebrations  
  15. Comments on Culture 
  16. Rigdzin Godem and Sikkim

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