Sparks is a wide ranging collection of short writings by James Low and extracts from previous teachings. The focus is on the dzogchen approach of resting in intrinsic open awareness which is the radiance of our being.

English Sparks. (Simply Being, 2017) ISBN 978-0956923943. Also in Kindle. From, Waterstones etc.

German. Funken. Translated by Lea Pabst. (Simply Being, 2018) ISBN 978-0956923950

Italian. Scintille. Translated by Ilaria Corti and Elena Gori Corti  (Simply Being, 2019) ISBN: 9780956923967 

Polish. Iskry. Translated by Jan Szlagowski (Wydawnictwo A, 2018) ISBN ISBN 978-83-89978-55-4

Spanish. Destellos. Translated by Juan B. García Lázaro. (Edited and published by Ediciones Dharma, 2018) ISBN 978-84-945327-9

Spanish unedited translation can be download free here.