Love your Mother

Love your mother

James Low

(Simply Being, UK, May 2023)

Kindle Paperback ISBN: 978-1739938185

Kindle ebook ASIN: B0C8GL67R8

There are three sections to this book:

  • Love your Mother
  • Dependent Arising and
  • Awakening to Emptiness.

The first section explores our origins and uses the clarity that arises from this to ease us out of isolation.
The second section describes how we wander in samsara due to the de­pendent arising of the twelve links on the Wheel of Becoming.
The third section describes how we can use the teaching of the The Heart Sutra to awaken to emptiness.

Where do we come from?  What is the true source of our life?

There are many answers to these questions. Mostly they serve to confirm the reality of our current identity, supporting our belief that ‘I am who I think I am.’

This book offers an alternative response to these questions based on the teachings of Buddha Shakyamuni.


On a relative level, every aspect of our experience arises in dependence on some other arisings. Due to this no arising or appearance has an inherent existence—not me, not you. On a more profound level, all appearances and experiences arise inseparable from emptiness—nothing is ever established as existing in truth. Empty of self-essence, each and every appearance including ourselves is not other than emptiness. Emptiness is not a null void, but the ever-open source of our life. 

The ever fecund mother, this ever fecund emptiness, is symbolised by the Great Mother Prajnaparamita, the essence of the wisdom of emptiness, that is the mother of all the Buddhas. This mother is our source. This mother is, in fact, the source of everything as it actually is. This mother is the source of all of us becoming Buddhas therefore we honour her.

In similar fashion, we honour our own mother in this life, remembering with gratitude all her kindnesses. And we remember that all sentient beings have been our own mother in previous lives, and we also honour their kindnesses.


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