Are you in Poland?

Are you in Poland? Do you want to buy James’ ebooks or hard copies? I contacted Amazon KDP (Kindle) who told me you can do it. Here’s how: For Paperbacks there is a Poland marketplace: For paperbacks and for e-books you can: use the link for the UK marketplace: use the link for the German marketplace: Please […]

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New Polish Book. To Jest To

This Is It has been translated into Polish by Jan Szlagowski as To Jest To and published by Konrad Switała, (August 2023). Details how how to buy it are here: This is It – James Low | Warszawa | Kup teraz na Allegro Lokalnie. Konrad has designed a lovely new cover and has had 50 copies printed.  If you would […]

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Sweet Simplicity: Mahamudra doha songs

Sweet simplicity: mahamudra doha songs. James Low.  (Simply Being, UK, 2022) ISBN:‏  9781739938154 The beautiful brief Buddhist songs in this book point towards the inexpressible sweet simplicity of our own minds. This simplicity is usually obscured by the complexity of our reified experience and the conceptual elaboration we employ to try to work out who we are and what our […]

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