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So wie die Dinge sind, sind sie bereits vollendet. Interview mit James Low von Hannes Kronika. Buddhismus in Österreich. Januar bis Marz 2020. ÖBR Magazin online [pp8-11] Download  a PDF of the magazine. Das selbstlose Selbst – Buddhismus und die persönliche Identität. Chökor Tibethaus Journal [61], July 2016, 28-35 Download PDF The Intrinsic purity of the obscurations. James Low (2012) […]

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The Structures of suffering. Article. UK, 1999

James Low Published in The Psychology of Awakening: Buddhism, science and our day-to-day lives, edited by Guy Watson, Stephen Batchelor and Guy Claxton (Rider, 1999) ISBN 0-7126-7043-2 Download Pdf Introduction Suffering is something that concerns us all. We are marked by our own past sufferings, and the bruises we carry around in our hearts often keep us wary of what […]

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Personal identity in tantric practice, UK, 1992

Article by James Low Published in Sharpham Miscellany: essays in spirituality and ecology. Edited by John Snelling, The Sharpham Trust, 1992. ISBN 0951829807 Download Pdf Extract I am writing about how it personally feels to be engaged in tantric practice through time and then look at a western model of change that has been useful to me in making sense of […]

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