The Delusion of Duality is the Basis for War. Article, October 2023.

New Text: …When we look at the news concerning the many conflicts and wars that rage in every corner of our world it is unlikely that we will encounter a Dharma perspective on these tragedies. We hear about innocent good people on one side and cruel terrorists on the other. Who decides which terms to apply to which group? Also Translated in German and Portuguese. Uploaded 15 Nov 2023

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Staying open and relaxed in times of war and conflict. Zoom, Feb. 2022

New German Translation. Offen und entspannt bleiben in Zeiten von Krieg und Konflikt. Übersetzung von Robert Jaroslawski (Danke an Karin Jaroslawski für Korrekturen!) Uploaded 21 Jan 2023
New Spanish Translation: Se trata de un relato que proviene de un texto clásico tibetano que puedes encontrar en la sección 4 de mi libro anterior, This is it , y trata sobre el origen de Heruka. Uploaded 12 Feb 2023.

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