The middle way is a tightrope strung between rainbows. Nov 2023

The middle way is a tightrope strung between rainbows

James Low

31 Oct 2023

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in English

in French by Yann Leguen

in German by Robert Jaroslawski

in Portuguese by Madalena Pedroza

The text begins: “Again and again we have to detoxify ourselves from the false belief that there are really existing people fighting each other. Our life continues dependent on harmony between inner and outer factors. A bullet entering our body is a disharmonious factor that strongly impacts our interactive interdependent life system. On the basis of the bullet breaking a bone we have pain, need treatment but are likely to survive. On the basis of it entering our heart we are likely to die. Life and death are not other than dependently arising patterns. To see this is to see the vast systemic interconnectivity of which we are a part.”

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