A Prayer for Peace

Translations: This prayer for peace has moved individuals to come forward with translations in Dutch, German, Hindi, Hungarian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish and Turkish.

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Introduction to Dzogchen. Zoom, March 2021

James Low An Introduction to Dzogchen 31 March 2021 Zoom talk given for Oxford Internal Arts at the request of Gio Maschio. The talk explains the traditional categories of View, Meditation, Conduct (sometimes referred to as Action, or Path) and Result. Then follows advice about sitting meditation and the transition from formal meditation to moving out into the world (sometimes […]

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How you see is what you see

James Low, 23 April 2020 It begins:Mum sends you, age 7, to the market to buy oranges, only oranges, and “don’t buy anything else!” The women with the fruit and vegetable stalls want to sell you what they have,  “Look” they say, “what lovely bananas and the grapes, Oh, such lovely grapes – and these pears are so amazing.”

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