Repelling all troubles. The Dokpa practice text

To read the practice text open the PDF.

in English

in German translated by Robert Jaroslawski

in Polish translated by Janek Szlagowski

in Portuguese translated by João Vale Neto

in Spanish translated by Isabel Defez

in Turkish translated by Ezgi Atanassova and Mustafa Mert Çelebi

… we can recite the following short text to enliven our Dharma understanding and use the power of non-duality set out in the Heart Sutra to repel the dualistic delusions of the aggressor. When we say Dok! Dok! Dok!  we clap our hands at each Dok! and imagine that all the negative force of the oppressors is returned to them. Dok! is a Tibetan word that indicates sending something back to where it came from. This is not revenge. It is simply returning a gift that we do not want and did not ask for. We are saying, “This is yours, please keep it!”

Here you can listen to a talk James gave about the above practice text on 3rd March 2022.

Here you can read the commentary that James wrote on this practice text in May 2022.




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