Calm and clear. Public Talk. Freiburg, 2006.

When things are calm it is easy to disturb them. When things are clear it is easy to dirty them, to make them lose their clarity. On an ordinary level calmness and clarity are very vulnerable states. This is because of the very nature of our existence. From a traditional buddhist point of view the functioning basis of our existence, of how we operate as human beings, is to be caught up in an experience of duality: looking inside we experience ‘ourselves’, and looking outside we experience ‘things’ which are other. But of course, it is not quite as simple as that.

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Devotion and faith. Darnkow, 2006

James Low Darnkow, Poland July 2006 Download the Pdf  Extracts …Rinpoche often used the image of a ring and a hook. He frequently said that it was important to develop a strong ring of faith so that the hook of the guru’s blessing and compassion could catch that ring. The transmission – for the life, the living life of the […]

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Hingabe und Vertrauen. Darnkow, 2006

James Low Darnkow, Polen Juli 2006 Download Pdf Übersetzt von Gisela Goericke-Driver, überarbeitet von Wulf Niepold Extracts …Rinpoche hat oft das Bild von einem  Ring und einem Haken benutzt.   Er hat immer wieder betont, wie wichtig es ist, einen starken Ring des Vertrauens zu entwickeln, so dass der Haken des Gurusegens und -mitgefühls diesen Ring greifen kann… …Die Übertragung muss, […]

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