Teaching retreat on the six bardos. Gutenstein 2017

The Stages of Life and Death. Each stage or Bardo has its own key focus of intention setting out the tasks to be attended to. Using Karma Lingpa’s Root Verses of the Bardo we will clarify how to use each stage as an opportunity for awakening. James Low teaching at the Maitreya Institute, Gutenstein, Austria. 30th June – 2nd July […]

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Impermanence, transitions and the illusory nature of phenomena. Badowo, 2017

Dates 5-7 May 2017 Teaching: James Low Location: Badowo, Poland Languages: English and Polish Retreat Title: Impermanence, transitions and the illusory nature of phenomena. The teachings focus on ‘the six bardos”, as described in Tibetan Buddhism. These bardos are states of transition and help us to see the absence of permanence and security in our lives. James refers to the […]

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Eifel Retreat Spring 2017

James was teaching on The Root Verses of the Six Bardos, a fundamental text of Tibetan Buddhism and a terma of the master Karma Lingpa. The six bardos describe all aspects of our human lives, including the process of death and dying. They provide us with an opportunity to discover how we can recognize all aspects of living and dying […]

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