Discovering the natural state [1]: Using refuge and meditation on the breath to discover the natural state. Bremen, June 1995

We will look at the nature of the mind, an idea which belongs primarily within Buddhist yogacara philosophy. I want to first set out two basic positions about looking into our experience of being alive in the world, and then relate that to the methods of meditation. James Low Download PDF Karma Thegchen Chö Ling, Bremen, Germany 17-18 June 1995 […]

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Wisdom and compassion: 'I should phone my mother'. Bremen Oct 1994

How do wisdom and compassion inform us in our ordinary human relationships, both formal and informal? We might start with a question. Do human beings, do we as human beings, know how to behave to each other? JAMES LOW Download the PDF Karma Thegchen Chö Ling Dharma Centre, Bremen, Germany 15 October 1994 Transcribed by Liz Fox Not Edited Excerpts […]

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The Nature of tantra: Chenrezig practice. Bremen, Oct. 1994

James Low Karma Thegchen Chö Ling Dharma Centre, Bremen, Germany 15-16 October 1994 Transcribed by Liz Fox Download the PDF Not Edited Last time I was here I talked about tantra and I’ll return to that theme this time. This afternoon I’ll make some general remarks, bringing up the theoretical underpinnings of the practice of tantra and tomorrow we will […]

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