Discovering the natural state [2]:Using shiné [shamatha] practice to discover the natural state. Bremen, June 1995

I want to stay with this practice of shiné and link it, through tantra, into the basic examination of the nature of mind. In shiné practice the focus is on separation, so essentially in this practice we are separating out an observing, focusing, aware position of the self from an involved enmeshed position of the self. James Low Download the […]

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Discovering the natural state [1]: Using refuge and meditation on the breath to discover the natural state. Bremen, June 1995

We will look at the nature of the mind, an idea which belongs primarily within Buddhist yogacara philosophy. I want to first set out two basic positions about looking into our experience of being alive in the world, and then relate that to the methods of meditation. James Low Download PDF Karma Thegchen Chö Ling, Bremen, Germany 17-18 June 1995 […]

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The Nature of tantra. Bremen, Jan. 1994

The word tantra in Tibetan means continuity or connectedness. Traditionally this indicates the continuity of awareness through all the moments of experience. Awareness is like the open sky; clouds and sunshine and rockets pass through the sky, but the sky itself is open to all of them. That is to say the continuity of the sky, the sky-ness of the […]

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