Eifel Retreat Spring 2017

James was teaching on The Root Verses of the Six Bardos, a fundamental text of Tibetan Buddhism and a terma of the master Karma Lingpa. The six bardos describe all aspects of our human lives, including the process of death and dying. They provide us with an opportunity to discover how we can recognize all aspects of living and dying […]

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Enseñanzas breves

Traducido por Juan B. García Lázaro en el capítulo 10 de “The Collected Works of C R Lama”. “Estas enseñanzas breves comprenden una serie de notas cortas hechas cuando C. R. Lama estaba explicando textos. Hablaba muy rápidamente y exigía plena atención. Estas observaciones dan una idea de la forma condensada y directa con que exponía sus puntos. Tienen significados […]

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The natural freedom of the mind. Geneva, 2016

Public talk. Geneva, 18  March 2016 James Low Book launch of “Oeuvres choisies de C. R. Lama” translated by Manon Widmer “The view of dzogchen points to the intrinsic simplicity of awareness free of the turbulence of thoughts and emotions. We will practise the meditation that allows us to awaken to what is always already here”. You can read the […]

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