Wisdom and compassion. Macclesfield, 2013

James Low Macclesfield, 22-24 February 2013 Transcribed by Lois Hague Edited by Barbara Terris Download PDF Excerpts …Compassion is hospitality to everything… …The Sanskrit term Dharmadhatu – here ‘dharma’ means phenomena and ‘dhatu’ means ‘space’, so it’s the space within which phenomena arise. I have recently started translating it as ‘infinite hospitality’ because the space of the mind can be […]

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Anxiety and doubt. Macclesfield, UK. 2005

Macclesfield, UK. February 26th, 2005 Most of us have a lot of worries and anxiety in our lives. I will  explain the traditional Nyingmapa understanding of the nature of anxiety, the structures underpinning its development, and show how meditation can help us cut through the root of that development. Transcribed by Kevin Lawrence Edited by Wendy Chozom Excerpts Anxiety is not […]

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