Ngöndro 5. Frankfurt, 1995

Commentary On The Text Of The Preliminary Practice From The Vidyadhara Guru Sadhana According To The Tradition Of Khordong Monastery James Low Frankfurt, Germany 28-29 January 1995 Download Pdf DORJE SEMPA: ROLE OF THE TEACHER IN TANTRA: DZOGCHEN AND THE WEST: UNIQUENESS OF TANTRA: GURU YOGA: LAST PARTS OF THE NGÖNDRO

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Ngöndro 3. Frankfurt, 1994

James Low 29-30 October 1994 Frankfurt, Germany Download Ngöndro 3. Frankfurt, 1994 Excerpts Ordinarily, in everything that we do in the world — when we are successful, when we are unsuccessful, when we are happy, when we are sad — every experience, every action that we do, is an affirmation of the reality which is the fantasy arising from ignorance. […]

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Ngöndro 2. Offenbach, 1995

Commentary on the text of the preliminary practice from the Vidyadhara Guru Sadhana According to the tradition of Khordong Monastery James Low Frankfurt and Offenbach, Germany 23-24 July 1994 Download Pdf Contents SUFFERING IS GETTING WHAT YOU DON’T WANT, AND NOT GETTING WHAT YOU DO WANT WISDOM AND COMPASSION Four activities of tantra Difference between tantra and dzogchen Indra’s Net […]

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