Aspects of Nyima Özer. London, 1995

Talk by James Low London, 22 April 1995 Transcribed by Ruth Rickard and edited by Barbara Terris ExcerptThe key thing that I want to emphasise today is that this story of Nyima Özer is about the nature of service and of being a servant. The bodhisattvas are our servants and from that point of view, their service is holy. It […]

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Padmasambhava Retreat and Empowerment. Eifel

The practice of Guruyoga is a great support for the practice of Dzogchen. In this retreat there will be an initiation into a tantric mahayoga/anuyoga practice of Padmasambhava followed by a full explanation of the practice and how to apply it in all areas of life. We will practise this form of Guruyoga together and focus on the direct experience of non-duality. […]

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